COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated Friday, May 29th)

Q: When will Ply-Mar open for the 2020 season?

A: Our tentative Opening Date is FRIDAY, JUNE 19th. 

On May 22, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced that he “expects” Montgomery County to move from the “red stage” (stay-at-home order and aggressive mitigation) to the “yellow stage” by June 5th. The state also confirmed that swim clubs can open in the “yellow stage.” As of right now, we have set Friday, June 19th as our TENTATIVE opening date.

Q: Why are members being asked to pay their dues in full?

A: As it stands right now, we are hoping to have a nearly full summer.

With our tentative opening date of June 19th, the club will only have missed a handful of days it normally would have been opened. Combined with some added expenses to help prepare for this summer, we expect this year to cost the same — or more — than a “normal” summer.

While other clubs have come and gone, Ply-Mar has survived for 63 years because of our incredible members, as well as our membership structure. So it falls on all of us to ensure the financial stability of the club, for this season and years to come. 

Q: When are payments due?

A: We have moved the date for this year’s payments back to Monday, June 1. All members are asked to pay their dues by that date. 

You can pay by check or credit card via our brand new membership system at If you are unsure of your login information, contact us at and we’ll get you squared away. All members who pay after June 1st will be charged a $30 late fee. And as always, all dues must be paid before a member is permitted to use the club.

Q: What happens to my dues if the club doesn’t open at all, or is only open for a very short time?

A: The board will crunch the numbers and determine if there is money that went unused. But that is a number that can only be determined at the end of the summer, or when a final decision is made to not open the club.

If that is the case, ALL MEMBERS will share those funds, based on the number of dues-paying members in your family. As soon as that amount is known, we will credit it toward next summer’s dues, or process a refund if requested.

Given the necessary expenditures that are incurred even if we don’t open, you will not receive a full refund of your dues. This includes things like salaries, taxes, insurance, landscaping, pool chemicals, repairs, maintenance and much more. Obviously, the board is taking special care to limit spending wherever possible, as detailed further below. 

Q: Won’t you just use that money to make upgrades to the club?

A: As a not-for-profit, the LAST thing we want to do is hold on to your money when we don’t have to.

A handful of minor upgrades that were originally planned for this year have been put on hold, and we are pinching pennies wherever possible to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Just like you, the volunteers on the board pay full dues, and it is only fair that we all share equally in any excess funds, just as we all share in the responsibility to ensure the club is prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime situation.

Q: What is being done at the club to prepare?

A: New manager Jim Carr and assistant managers Dan Chang and Matt Labick are diligently preparing the club for our opening day. 

We are following any and all guidelines from local, state and federal officials, and taking every step to open the very first moment it is safe and responsible to do so. There are many things that must be done, with or without a season at Ply-Mar. The pools must still be cleaned and emptied, and any winter damage must be repaired. The landscaping must still be done. The typical damage from a winter must be repaired. The list goes on.

Q: Are you taking any extra steps to prepare this summer?

A: We absolutely are. 

A group of members who are medical professionals and experts in the appropriate sciences have graciously volunteered to join some of our board members on a Medical Advisory Committee. They will work closely with our staff to help us create the safest environment for all of our members, and adjust to any changes that may come.

Q: What if I’m having a hard time paying my dues by June 1?

A: We understand that this is a tough time for many of our members. If you fall into this category, you are not alone. 

The last thing we want to do in this stressful time is be the cause of more stress. If you are able to pay your dues in full by June 1, please do so. But if you are unable, please reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to help. This correspondence is handled discreetly, and isn’t shared with the full board or the club manager.

All members will pay their full dues, but if spreading the payments out will make it possible for you to pay, then we are happy to help. 

Q: Does this apply to new members joining for the first time this summer?

A: Yes, it applies to new members’ dues payments, but not initiation fees or bond fees.

Q: If I do a cannon ball this summer, will it make me feel better?

A: Yes. Yes it will.